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An overview of how Key Organics can be your solution provider.

Price competitive global leaders in fee-for-service synthetic organic chemistry provision.

Extensive experience in the development work required to take your project from gram to kilogram scale.

Carefully designed “three component” compound (E3 ligase binder, linker, protein-of-interest binder) to harness the cells endogenous waste disposal machinery.

Combining Key Organics/BIONET and NMX proprietary fragment collections with high-throughput biophysical screening technologies.

More than 44,000 fragments that can be individually selected, allowing you to build bespoke fragment sets of size and composition best suited to your research needs.

All your key compound management activities including compound procurement, receipt, storage, formatting and distribution needs.

We offer a range of chemistry, sales and marketing, and technology consultancy services that can be specifically tailored to your needs.

High-end analytical services and support for the pharmaceutical, agrochemical, petrochemical and allied industries.

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BIONET Product Information

The BIONET Biochemicals collection contains over 1400 diverse bioactives, metabolites and hormones, including deuterated and salt forms. They are in various stages of development

Over 240,000 Building Blocks including ex-stock subsets of Amines, Acids and many other functional groups.  Our offerings can be seamlessly integrated into our various Services solutions.

Are you looking for a fragment library that supplies the following data package for each aqueous soluble fragment? This data will enable practitioners to rapidly build fragment pools and initiate screening.

The world-renowned BIONET screening catalogue currently contains over 102,900 compounds, comprising 57,800 BIONET Screening Compounds and 45,000 BIONET Fragment Libraries compounds.

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