We are pleased to highlight some of the new products available from BIONET. Since the last update we have added to Building Blocks, Biochemicals and the Screening & Fragments Collections with a selection of new products.

In the next couple of months Steve will be virtually attending:

25th - 28th August
Drug Discovery Chemistry 2020

7th - 8th September
EFMC-ISMC Virtual Event 2020

16th - 18th September
Discovery on Target  

17th September
Permeability, Solubility and Physchem Properties in the bRo5 Chemical Space  

28th - 29th September
3rd RSC-BMCS / RSC-CICAG Artificial Intelligence in Chemistry  

Email Steve if you want to meet for a chat about BIONET Products or to see how Key Organics can fill a gap in your Chemistry requirements.

The BIONET Collections now contain over:

  • 1,400 BIONET Biochemicals
  • 155,500 BIONET Building Blocks/Research Intermediates
  • 36,000 BIONET Fragments
  • 58,500 BIONET Screening Compounds

The BIONET Collections have been updated and the complete databases in zipped sdf format are available now from our downloads page.