With more than 25 years experience in synthetic organic chemistry, analytical sciences and process R&D, the consultancy team at Key Organics have a proven track record of supporting businesses within a broad range of public and private organisations.


Technology Due Diligence
With an extensive expertise in technology due diligence in the life sciences sector, Key Organics can help you to fully understand the technical feasibility of your project, and by identifying and mitigating risks, enable your business to proceed with confidence.  Our consultants can help you with:-

  • Enabling technologies in chemistry, drug delivery and manufacturing
  • IPO and acquisition due diligence for chemistry and other science-based businesses
  • Drug pipeline analysis and value quantification
  • Intellectual property, licensing and transaction support
  • Market, competition and sector analysis
  • Benchmarking
  • Asset divestment


Research and Development
Key Organics’ consultancy service provides access to our well equipped and highly specialised laboratories, knowledge base and industry expertise that is the foundation of Key Organics’ success. This resource coupled with the BIONET brand and our compound handling unit offer our clients a package of capabilities that cannot be sourced from any other British company.  We undertake:-

  • All areas of synthetic organic chemistry methodology and process R&D
  • Analytical chemistry, identification and quantification of impurities, residue analysis and degradation products
  • R&D project management


Key Organics has an extensive global network of partners who are able to undertake a variety of drug substance and drug product development, and GMP manufacture to international regulatory standards. This network broadens the opportunity for our customers whilst maintaining confidence through the Key Organics brand.  We offer:-

  • Dual supply sources for key intermediates, drug substance and drug product
  • Project management of technology transfer and effect scale up and commercial manufacturing


Sales and Marketing
Targeted market assessments from Key Organics assist clients by identifying new sales channels and design modifications through focused technology marketing and positioning. This process ensures Key Organics customers implement structured and targeted sales strategies ensuring maximum market impact and profit.


Project Management
We view our clients’ time and resources as precious as we do our own. That is why Key Organics is PRINCE2 accredited and offers all clients access to real time reporting through the use of iLabber e-lab notebooks. We deliver results fast, whilst maintaining value.


Our experienced consultancy team offers bespoke services on a day-rate basis or fully costed for a specific assignment. We have a proven track record in working with a broad range of public and private organisations covering the following sectors:

  • Pharmaceutical and biotechnology
  • Agrochemical and petrochemicals
  • Universities and Government research bodies
  • Venture Capital and Investment Banks
  • Private individuals and investment consortia

Please contact us for further information on how we can add value to your projects and programmes.