Key Organics Limited – a Leading Provider of Chemistry Services and Research Compounds to the global Life Science industries

The Key Organics portfolio offers a diverse range of chemistry products and services tailored to the Pharmaceutical, Agrochemical and Biotechnology sectors together with related industries and applications.

The long-established and well-recognised BIONET brand is owned by Key Organics and consists of a database containing over >74,000 products, featuring Biochemicals, Fragments, Research Intermediates and Screening Compounds.

Key Organics’ Chemistry Services team offers core solutions including Custom Synthesis, FTE/Contract Synthesis, Consultancy Services, Analytical Chemistry, Collaborative R&D, Process R&D/Scale-up and more. We are committed to the delivery of high quality compounds, on time with complete confidentiality and reliability.

With over 26 years’ proven expertise and competence, we are well positioned to become a long-term strategic partner for you and your chemistry needs.

Contact us today to discuss your company’s needs. Whether you need a few mg of a research compound or a several kg scale-up project; a long-term FTE or a consultancy project, we have a solution for you.


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