Key Organics Facts:

Who are we?

An international CRO based in the UK with over 32 years expertise in synthetic organic chemistry.

Our customers:

Our customers range from large Pharma and Agrochemical companies, Medium sized Biotechs and Academic groups - as well as virtual organisations and Start-ups.

Our Services:

We offer a wide-range of bespoke chemistry solutions, from the custom synthesis of a single compound to multiple, long-term FTE projects.

Our Products:

The BIONET portfolio is continously updated and improved; featuring Biochemicals, Fragments, Research Intermediates and Screening Compounds; and many are available in Kg quantities


We work closely with our customers through the entire process – especially as project milestones often change and resources must be adjusted along the way.

Why work with us?

With established fragment libraries, an extensive BIONET product portfolio and a proven track record in synthetic organic chemistry, Key Organics is able to support your discovery and development chemistry needs. Our project managers and scientists are highly experienced at
managing complexity. We utilise ELN, Datawarrior and other software tools to facilitate information exchange.