BIONET Agrimediates™

Our Philosophy

Agrochemistry is an intrinsic part of Key Organics’ history. When KO was established in 1986, it was predominantly an agrochemistry CRO and screening compound catalogue company.

Key Organics provided library design and synthesis under long term contracts and confidentiality agreements. It also established a screening compound catalogue to supply off-the-shelf screening compounds to agrochemistry industries.

Since 1986, KO has grown and diversified and now offers BIONET Screening and Intermediate compound collections and bespoke Chemistry Services to pharma, biotech, petrochemical, agrochemical and associated industries.

KO has never forgotten its strong agrochemistry roots and recognizes that agrochemistry needs have been overshadowed by other, more demanding organisations for a long time.

With this inequality in mind, and using over 29 years of agrochemistry expertise, KO has recently launched the Agrimediates™ range. These are compounds that have been specially created to appeal to all quarters of the agrochemistry community.

BIONET Agrimediates™

Agrimediates™ are intermediate compounds (currently over 900, effective March 2016) which have favourable heterocycles /adornments for ongoing agrochemical synthesis.

They are designed with the intention of meeting specific physico-chemical properties required by agrochemicals and to offer a novel combination of halogens or other relevant substituents on existing or novel heterocyclic core structures.

Special attention is given to the halogen substituents and specifically to fluorine atoms, as their presence in biologically-active molecules usually enhances the lipophilicity and thus the in vivo uptake and transport of such agrochemicals.

In particular, the presence of trifluoromethyl group (CF3) facilitates cell membrane penetration and confers enhanced metabolic stability to such compounds.

Key Organics is always happy to take requests from agrochemists who require bespoke requests and quotations contact us. Key Organics acknowledges that Agrochemistry is the growing market of the future and will continue to service the ongoing needs and requirements of agrochemical research.

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