Key Organics and IsoChemiX announce their collaboration in the Stable Isotope Labelling arena.

November 2021, Camelford and Norwich

Key Organics and IsoChemiX announce their collaboration in the Stable Isotope Labelling arena.

IsoChemiX and Key Organics are delighted to announce their collaboration to provide a range of SIL building blocks, Intermediates and APIs to the Research community, greatly expanding the range and scope of synthetically useful compounds available.

IsoChemiX and Key Organics will also actively engage with Industry and Academic partners to provide SIL’s on an exclusive/custom basis and will seek to work with clients and partners in a truly consultative manner.

IsoChemiX ( is a UK discovery company recently spun out from the University of East Anglia Chemistry Department with particular expertise in the incorporation of stable isotope-labels into a spectrum of small molecules, oligomers, and protein targets for biopharma and academia.

Key Organics ( is a long-established UK Chemistry CRO offering a wide variety of custom and contract services, as well as a large catalogue of high-quality research compound products under the ‘BIONET’ brand.

Dr Sean Bew, the co-founder of IsoChemiX commented; “We are delighted to be joining forces with Key Organics. I truly believe that the combination of IsoChemiX’s stable isotope labelling chemistry expertise with Key’s exceptional chemistry and commercial skills & capabilities is a hugely powerful combination. I am very much looking forward to working with the Key team and to developing the leading source of high quality stable isotope labelled compounds for the global life science industry”.

Steve Brough, Commercial Manager at Key Organics commented: “We are extremely happy to be collaborating with the IsoChemiX team in the stable isotopic label area, which is important to us and our clients. Collaborations of this nature, coupling innovation and expertise from the IsoChemiX team and providing solutions to Researchers via Key Organics’ network is of high value to the life science community.”

References: “Dial up and Lock In” Asymmetric Organo-Brønsted Acid Catalysis Incorporating Stable Isotopes, CHEM, 2016, vol 1, pg 921-945 Sean P. Bew, Dominika U. Bachera, Simon J, Coles, Glyn D. Hiatt-Gipson, Paolo Pesce, Mateusz Pitak, Sean M. Thurston and Victor Zdorichenko

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