Key Organics Paper in Chimica Oggo – Chemistry Today vol. 32(2)

We are pleased to announce that Dr Joe Carey and Key Organics have had a paper published in the March/April 2014 edition of Chimica Oggo – Chemistry Today.

The paper can be downloaded here and the abstract is below.

“The number of commercially available chiral bisphosphine ligands has grown substantially in the last decade, which has resulted in an increased range of applications in asymmetric chemocatalysis, together with improved enantioselectivity, higher S/C ratio’s and milder reaction conditions. However, the majority of new ligands introduced are variations of the C2 axially symmetrical BINAP or DIOP, which contain a chiral backbone. In comparison, the synthesis of new P-chiral bisphosphines, based on the pioneering DIPAMP ligand, is noteworthy because fewer new examples of this structural class have been introduced and utilised.”

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