Key Organics Successfully Delivers Chemistry for Pedanius Therapeutics

Key Organics Successfully Delivers Chemistry for Pedanius Therapeutics
SBRI Contract to Tackle Antimicrobial Resistance in Humans


Alderley Park, 30th June 2019: Earlier this year, Pedanius Therapeutics Ltd, an early stage bio-pharmaceutical company applying its proprietary RNAi platform technology in the development of novel precision medicines for the treatment of Gram-negative bacterial infections, were awarded an SBRI contract in support of the UK government’s recently released 5 year plan to tackle antimicrobial resistance in humans.  The first part of that contract, preparation of modified antisense molecules for testing, has been successfully delivered by Key Organics Ltd.

Dr Martin Quibell, co-founder and CSO, said: “The initial molecules for testing are prepared through a combination of traditional small molecule organic, peptide and oligonucleotide chemistries, with each aspect requiring a different range of synthetic, analytical and purification skills.  Key Organics has risen to the challenge and delivered the test molecules to a high standard, on time and on budget.  I am delighted with our choice of Key Organics for the first stage of the programme”.


About Pedanius Therapeutics Ltd

Pedanius Therapeutics Ltd is an Alderley Park-based biopharmaceutical company founded in 2018 that aims to transform the treatment of infections caused by multi-drug resistant Gram-negative pathogens by developing bacterial RNA-targeted therapeutics. The firms’ executive team is led by Fraser Murray (Chief Executive Officer,) Martin Quibell (Chief Scientific Officer) and Timothy Schulz-Utermoehl (Chief Operating Officer).


About Key Organics Ltd

Key Organics Limited is a UK based Chemistry CRO founded in 1986 providing independent chemistry services and contract research to clients worldwide in addition to offering an extensive range of screening compounds, intermediates, building blocks and related compounds through their catalogues. Key Senior staff are Dr Dominic Guly (Senior Chemist), Dr Joe Carey (Managing Director) and Mr Steve Brough (Commercial Manager).

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