New BIONET compound releases for February 2021

We are pleased to highlight some of the new products available from BIONET. Since the last update we have added to Building Blocks, Biochemicals and the Screening & Fragments Collections with a selection of new products.

In the next couple of months Steve will be virtually attending:

16th – 24th February

North American Protein Degradation Congress 2021

23rd & 24th February

Research & Innovation 2021

14th March

The Reality of Artificial Intelligence in Drug Discovery

14th & 15th April

37th Process Development Symposium 2021

18th – 20th May

Drug Discovery Chemistry

Email Steve if you want to meet for a chat about BIONET Products or to see how Key Organics can fill a gap in your Chemistry requirements.

The BIONET Collections now contain over:

  • 2,500 BIONET Biochemicals
  • 159,000 BIONET Building Blocks/Research Intermediates
  • 40,000 BIONET Fragments
  • 58,500 BIONET Screening Compounds

The BIONET Collections have been updated and the complete databases in zipped sdf format are available now from our downloads page.  

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