BIONET Building Blocks for DNA encoded Libraries

DNA encoded Chemical Libraries

The use of DNA-encoded chemical libraries (DELs) is an ever expanding tool in early phase drug discovery. Globally, researchers have been expanding the range of compatible chemistries to further populate chemical space using this technique. 1,2

Key Organics has a diverse building block collection of over 220,000 compounds and can expand this collection with our trusted partners, using our Compound Management Service and our experience of curating and delivering fragment libraries in various formats we can supply collections of compounds to feed into your DEL project.

All the common functionalities for DEL are covered and we can deliver bi and tri functional compounds, filtered on calculated physical properties (Mwt, ClogP etc) as well as on lead time, cost and unacceptable functionality.



Bifunctional DEL-compatible scaffolds

Trifunctional DEL-compatible scaffolds

Benefits of our Research Intermediates/Building Blocks Collection:

Collection contains over 220,000 compounds

Purity guarantee

Bulk amounts available on request

CoA and SDS available on request

New products added every month.



  1. Hupp et al: Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters Volume 51, 1 November 2021, 128339
  2. Martin et al: Nature Communications Chemistry volume 3, Article number: 127 (2020)

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