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Key Organics can support some or all your key compound management activities including compound procurement, receipt, storage, formatting and distribution needs. We provide both standalone activities on a fee-for service basis, as well as fully integrated compound management services. Our services include:

Compound storage & stability testing

Using our storage space and facilities in the UK, we are ready to store your powder and liquid samples, format them on demand into the required format and distribute them to your site locations around the world. This service eliminates the need to have an organized compound repository on site while keeping your libraries easily accessible. Our storage conditions range from storage at ambient temperature to a cooled and refrigerated environment. We can also perform regular QC checks to monitor compound integrity during storage and provide valuable stability data.

Compound ordering, handling, reformatting, plating, quality control, storage;

Key Organics can take care of it all.

Reaction ready precursors & reagents

Key Organics can provide reaction ready pre-weighed reagents and precursors for your in-house chemistry programs.

Your reagent and precursor needs:

We can supply from, which can be filtered by price and availability:

‘Reaction Ready Reagents’ can be weighed by our expert team into:

With our ‘Mix & Match’ philosophy you have the flexibility to choose what suits your needs best and Key Organics has the experience to deliver.

Assay ready formats

Key Organics can provide assay ready formats for your in-housechemistry programs.

You tell us:

Additional services provided include:


Reaction ready & restocking

Sygnature Discovery sought Compound Procurement Services for the sourcing, procurement, reformatting into 20ml and 7ml vials and shipment of commercially available compounds. Sygnature were interested in procurement of a set of around 293 x 2g reagents and 586 x 100mg reagents. Sygnature supplied a list of structures, CAS numbers and Sygnature IDs.

Tasks & Logistics

Key Organics searched for the reagents from within the BIONET Collection and from reliable partner sources and prepared SD files that contained compound structures, CAS number, Sygnature ID and cost for the required reagents. Delivery agreed to be in 2 shipments for each order.
Sygnature selected a set of the 249 x 2g and 212 x 100mg compounds for procurement
Key Organics processed the BIONET compounds and acquired the partner compounds
100mg reformatted into the 7ml vials labelled with CAS and Sygnature ID
2g reformatted into the 20ml vials labelled with CAS, Name and Sygnature ID
Key Organics sent the 1st shipment for each order to end user after approximately 2 weeks and the 2nd and final shipment after 5 weeks
Documents supplied to Sygnature by email with each shipment included:
SD file for each shipment with CAS, Name and Sygnature ID
UPS tracking number

“We provided Key Organics with an SD file containing structures and required quantities and they quickly supplied us with quotes for the individual products.  They were happy to format into our vial and provided two shipments, with 98% supplied within our required timeframe. A great service from our preferred partner.”

sygnature discovery logo

Chris Pearce

Senior Scientist 2


Assay ready & QC

GreyWolf Therapeutics sought a compound management service for the sourcing, procurement, QC analysis, reformatting into 96 well plates and cold shipment of commercially available compounds.

Tasks & Logistics

Key Organics searched for analogues that were genuinely available from reliable sources and prepared a spreadsheet that contained compound structures, source, cost, physiochemical properties and information on lead times for 2103 analogue compounds.
GreyWolf selected a subset of the 2103 compounds for procurement
Key Organics placed compound orders with several suppliers and consolidated shipments
Key Organics performed QC of the subset:
LC-MS m/z to confirm parent ion and purity
1H NMR to confirm structure
Key Organics reformatted compounds into 96-well plates, 100μL of a 10mM DMSO stock of each compound
Key Organics made a frozen shipment to end user
Documents supplied to GreyWolf Therapeutics included:
Plate maps in excel and sd file format
Pdf of all LC-MS and 1H NMR experiments
Excel file detailing QC data

“Like other leading biotechs, we rely on intergrating key CROs into our drug discovery and development activities to deliver complex logistical solutions to meet our project requirements. Key Organics provided outstanding quality and value in this request, successfully delivering the chosen analogues with QC in an assay ready format”

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Dr Martin Quibell

Director of Medicinal Chemistry

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