BIONET Screening Compounds

BIONET Fluorine Fragment Library

The world-renowned BIONET screening catalogue currently contains over 87,100 compounds, comprising 55,719 BIONET Screening Compounds and 31,447 BIONET Fragment Libraries compounds.

These compounds have proven activity across sectors in pharma, biotech and agro industries 

BIONET Screening Fragments

The BIONET Fragments collection currently contains over 31,000 Leadlike screening compounds

Stock Quantities and re-supply for follow up research.

Typically, about 90% of the compounds in our collection are available >20mg stock quantities and over 87% of the compounds are available in >100mg stock quantities. Indeed a large proportion of our collection is available in gram quantities; this means we can ensure a very high level of re-supply for follow up research.

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Screening Compound integrity and formats:

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