Updated 3rd August 2021

Complete BIONET Collection

SDF - BIONET-Key Organics Complete BIONET August 2021

Excel - BIONET-Key Organics Complete Excel Collection August 2021

BIONET Biochemicals

SDF - BIONET-Key Organics Biochemicals August 2021

Excel -BIONET-Key Organics Biochemicals August 2021

BIONET Fragments & Screening Libraries

SDF - BIONET-Key Organics Fragments August 2021

SDF - BIONET-Key Organics Screening August 2021

SDF - BIONET-Key Organics Screening & Fragments August 2021

Excel -BIONET-Key Organics Screening and Fragments August 2021

SDF - BIONET 2nd Generation Fluorine Fragment Library March 2016

SDF - BIONET 2nd Generation Premium Fragment Library Pack

SDF - BIONET Self-Assembly Fragment (sub-set) April 2013

SDF - BIONET Bromo Fragments Database September 2017

SDF - BIONET Chiral Cyclic Fragments (sub-set) October 2011

BIONET Building Blocks and Research Intermediates

SDF - BIONET-Key Organics Building Blocks August 2021

Excel -BIONET-Key Organics Building Blocks August 2021

SDF - BIONET Agrimediates September 2017

SDF - BIONET Core Scaffolds September 2017

BIONET Linkers and Protein Degraders

We have a collection of Linkers and Protein Degraders which are only available on request.  Please click here to request more information.

Other BIONET Collections

BIONET 5-trifluoromethyl-2,3-disubstituted pyridines August 2015